26" Wood Pellet Stainless Steel Freestanding Grill from Memphis Wood Fire Grills

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  • Features a cabinet, supplying you with extra space for grilling accessories
  • Stainless steel construction is highly resistant to corrosion and dust
  • Uses wood pellets, offering a wide temperature range to ensure a tender cook every time
  • Stainless steel design tends to fade over time
  • Wood pellets need to be plugged into electricity at all times
Product Description

If functionality and easy assembly are your top priorities, you'll want to hear about the Wood Pellet Grill from Memphis Wood Fire Grills. Featuring a weather-resistant finish, this grill is great for both summertime summer and winter cookouts. Made with a freestanding design, it provides greater freedom and flexibility in your outdoor cooking space. It uses wood pellets, so you can choose the cooking method of your choice whether roasting, smoking, baking, or braising your food. This freestanding grill has convection grilling, which cooks the food from he inside out, so it will stay moist and flavorful. It has lockable casters, making sure your grill stays in one place if something or someone bumps up against it. This freestanding grill features an intelligent temperature control, so you can maintain the perfect level of heat while you cook.

Product Information
Brand Memphis Wood Fire Grills
Fuel Type Wood pellet
Installation Type Freestanding
Grill Size 26"
Body Construction Stainless steel
Weather-Resistant Yes
Cooking Grate Bar Diameter 8 mm
Caster Features Locking casters