Nexgrill 720-0888A Propane Gas Stainless Steel Freestanding Covered Grill

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  • Electronic ignition allows you to start your propane gas grill with the push of a button
  • Upper-level warming rack helps keep food hot
  • Removable catch pan collects grease and stops it from falling directly onto the grill
  • Stainless steel construction limits heat transfer, affecting your food
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate won't allow you to sear any food items
  • Electronic ignition loses its ability to work very fast if it gets too dirty
Product Description

The Nexgrill Propane Gas Covered Grill is ideal for hosting friends and family. This grill features a freestanding design, giving you the freedom and flexibility to move it out of the way when you are done cooking. Fueled by propane gas, it distributes heat evenly across the cooking area to ensure consistent results every time. It has angled flame tamers to deflect heat to help prevent flare-ups. This grill features an electronic ignition to take the struggle out of lighting your grill. It is designed with five stainless steel burners and it is equipped with Even-Heat Cooking System, so it produces balanced heat throughout your grill.

This Nexgrill grill has a built-in thermometer, so you can maintain the right temperature to cook your meat just the way you like it. It features a side burner, which allows you to cook your whole meal outside. With an upper-level warming rack, this grill is great for keeping prepared food hot. Quickly and conveniently dispose of ashes accumulated during cooking with its removable catch pan.

Product Information
Brand Nexgrill
Model 720-0888A
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Propane gas
Installation Type Freestanding
Body Construction Stainless steel
Main Burner BTU 11000 BTU
Side Burner BTU 12000 BTU
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type Electronic ignition
Cooking Grate Material Porcelain-enameled cast iron
Cooking Features Angled flame tamers
Warming Rack Upper-level warming rack
Ash Catcher Removable catch pan
Assembly Required Yes
Height 46.75"
Width 52"
Depth 25"