Aussie 4200.0A236 Charcoal Steel Freestanding Covered Grill

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  • Uses charcoal, grilling the food for a longer period of time to ensure the meat remains moist
  • Features a freestanding design, allowing you to move it out of the way to save space when it's not in use
  • Folding legs make transportation easier
  • Uses charcoal, taking more time to heat up
Product Description

The Aussie Charcoal Covered Grill is outstanding for cooking up an authentic barbecued meal during all your summer events. Manage the amount of heat with this Aussie grill's temperature control vents. It has a freestanding design, which saves space, providing you with more flexibility in your outdoor kitchen. Using charcoal, it infuses your meat with a smoky flavor, for an authentic barbecue experience.

This Aussie grill is made of steel, giving you both a sleek appearance and proven dependability. It includes a chrome plated grill grate, which has an aesthetically-appealing style and is easy to clean for user convenience. With two smooth-rolling wheels, it will be great for hosting, picnics, and camping. Quickly and easily get rid of ashes accumulated during grilling with its removable ash catcher.

Product Information
Brand Aussie
Model 4200.0A236
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Charcoal
Installation Type Freestanding
Body Construction Steel
Food Capacity 16 hamburger patties
Cooking Grate Material Chrome plated
Ash Catcher Removable ash catcher
Height 28.25"
Width 34.5"
Depth 21.875"