Aussie 700-DS Propane Gas Portable Open Grill

4.0 by user reviews

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  • Electronic ignition makes lighting your propane gas grill quick and simple
  • Propane gas locks in juices to ensure tender and flavorful results
  • Grease pan catches grease from your food and prevents it from messing up your grill
  • Electronic ignition loses its functionality very quickly if it gets too dirty
  • Propane gas is not great for slow roasting or for smoking BBQ
Product Description

Improve your barbecuing experience by using the Aussie Propane Gas Open Grill. This Aussie grill has a portable design, which makes it great for weekend trips. It has six large stainless steel main burners, which enable you to create the indirect and direct heat needed for two-zone cooking. Fueled by propane gas, it distributes consistent heat across the cooking area to reduce grill flare-ups. It has an electronic ignition, letting you quickly start up your barbecue. This Aussie grill has a grease pan, so you can have a faster cleanup.

Product Information
Brand Aussie
Model 700-DS
Grill Type Open grill
Fuel Type Propane gas
Installation Type Portable
Total BTU 81000 BTU
Food Capacity Up to 41 burgers
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type Electronic ignition
Height 37.5"
Width 82.4"
Depth 24"