LANDMANN 560200 Charcoal Freestanding Covered Grill

3.7 by user reviews

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  • Warming rack helps keep food hot
  • Includes a cast iron grill grate, supplying a trustworthy surface that will last a long time
  • Features folding side shelves, providing additional storage space if needed
  • Cast iron cooking grate doesn't give a smoky taste to your food
  • Uses charcoal, taking more time to heat up
Product Description

The LANDMANN Charcoal Covered Grill is perfect for any weekend barbecue. This charcoal grill cooks your food and offers a deep, smoky taste. Featuring a freestanding design, this charcoal grill offers greater freedom and flexibility in your outdoor kitchen. It includes a cast iron grill grate, supplying a high-quality non-stick surface that you can rely on for a long time.

By utilizing two heavy-duty wheels, this LANDMANN grill will be great for hosting, camping, and picnics. It is equipped with a lid mounted temperature gauge and uses an adjustable vent on the cover, so you can control the amount of heat on your grill. Featuring a warming rack, it is great for preventing prepared food from getting cold until the moment you sit down to eat. Quickly and easily dispose of ashes accumulated while cooking with its removable ash tray.

Product Information
Model 560200
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Charcoal
Installation Type Freestanding
Food Capacity 18 hamburger patties
Cooking Grate Material Cast iron
Warming Rack Warming rack
Ash Catcher Removable ash tray
Assembly Required Yes
Height 47.5"
Width 52.1"
Depth 25.5"