AOG T Series 30'' Propane Gas Stainless Steel Freestanding Rotisserie Grill

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  • Features stainless steel vaporizer panels, helping to evenly grill your meat
  • Rapid Fire Ignition allows you to start your propane gas grill effortlessly
  • Side burner lets you to prepare your whole meal outside
  • Stainless steel design limits heat movement, affecting your food
  • Rapid Fire Ignition loses its ability to work very quickly if it gets too dirty
  • Propane gas costs more than a grill that utilizes charcoal
Product Description

Cook delicious meals for the entire family with the AOG T Series Propane Gas Rotisserie Grill. This propane gas grill distributes consistent heat across the cooking area to minimize grill flare-ups. Made with a freestanding design, this grill provides greater freedom and flexibility in your outdoor cooking area. It features a Rapid Fire Ignition, so you can turn it on with ease and get cooking. This freestanding grill has stainless steel vaporizer panels, which help evenly cook your meal to perfection. Built from stainless steel, it is highly resilient and durable in harsh elements. Featuring a rotisserie kit, it is a great fit for barbecuing large roasts. Fitted with a side burner, this rotisserie grill is great for cooking a whole meal all at once.

Product Information
Brand AOG
Series/Line T Series
Grill Type Rotisserie grill
Fuel Type Propane gas
Installation Type Freestanding
Grill Size 30''
Body Construction Stainless steel
Total BTU 48000 BTU
Side Burner BTU 12000 BTU
Rotisserie Burner BTU 10000 BTU
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type Rapid Fire Ignition
Rotisserie Burner System Rotisserie kit
Heat Distribution Panel Plate Stainless steel vaporizer panels
Height 48.5"
Width 22.25"
Depth 22.25"