Coyote C2SL30NG S-Series 30'' Natural Gas Covered Grill

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  • Stainless steel design is highly resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Utilizes an efficient infrared burner, offering access to high-intensity heat while you cook
  • Natural gas is on the low end of the CO2 emissions fuel scale
  • Infrared burners are not ideal if you are attempting to cook something on a low temperature
  • Stainless steel construction limits heat transfer, affecting your food
  • Runs on natural gas, costing more than a grill that uses charcoal
Product Description

Cook delicious meals for the entire family with the Coyote S-Series Natural Gas Covered Grill. This Coyote grill has an LED valve control knob and is equipped with ceramic briquette heat control grids, so you can always monitor the temperature of the grill in order to achieve perfect results every time. Featuring a built-in design, it makes the perfect addition to any permanent outdoor cooking space. It runs on natural gas, which is eco-friendly and does not emit harmful chemicals.

This stainless steel grill is highly durable and resilient in harsh elements. Produce the indirect and direct heat needed to create a two-zone cooking area with this Coyote grill's two large cast stainless steel main burners. It has an infrared rear rotisserie burner, which will ensure your roast cooks over even heat for delicious, tender and flavorful results. Featuring a rear infrared burner, this grill can produce high temperatures for searing chicken, burgers, and steak.

Product Information
Brand Coyote
Series/Line S-Series
Model C2SL30NG
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Natural gas
Installation Type Built-in
Grill Size 30''
Body Construction Stainless steel
Burner Type Infrared
Burner Material Cast stainless steel
Rotisserie Burner System Infrared rear rotisserie burner
Sear Features RapidSear™