Crown Verity MCB-30 30'' Natural Gas Stainless Steel Covered Grill

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  • Drain ports catch grease and other drippings released during cooking for easier cleanup
  • Stainless steel design is both sleek and durable
  • Natural gas is environmentally-friendly and does not emit carbon dioxide
  • Stainless steel construction tends to fade over time
  • Includes a stainless steel grill grate, getting messy easily and requires intense cleaning
  • Natural gas is not great for slow roasting or for smoking meat
Product Description

Enjoy your time barbecuing with the Crown Verity Natural Gas Covered Grill. With a freestanding design, this Crown Verity grill offers greater freedom and flexibility in your outdoor cooking space. This stainless steel grill lasts for much longer thanks to its higher durability and overall resiliency. It has lockable casters, making sure your grill stays in one place if someone or something bumps up against it. Using natural gas, it is great for providing a cleaner-burning alternative for all your barbecuing needs. Built with two locking wheels, this Crown Verity grill will never roll away when you're cooking. It has drain ports, which collect grease and other drippings drawn out during cooking for easy cleanup after each time you grill.

Product Information
Brand Crown Verity
Model MCB-30
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Natural gas
Installation Type Freestanding
Grill Size 30''
Body Construction Stainless steel
Burner Material Stainless steel
Cooking Grate Material Stainless steel
Fuel Container 20lb propane tank
Caster Features Locking casters
Cleaning System Water pans with drain ports
Gas Tank Storage Tank holder on back of unit