DCS 48'' Liquid Propane Stainless Steel Freestanding Infrared Rotisserie Grill

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  • Utilizes an efficient infrared burner, giving you access to high-intensity heat when you cook
  • Features ceramic radiant technology, which provides uniform heat distribution throughout your grill
  • 9-volt battery ignition provides you with an easy way to light your barbecue
  • Uses an infrared burner, working best on steaks and are not as good for vegetables or chicken
  • Stainless steel design tends to lose its color with extended use
  • Features a stainless steel grill grate, getting dirty easily and requires intense cleaning
Product Description

If you're someone who enjoys channeling your inner pitmaster, consider buying the DCS Liquid Propane Rotisserie Grill. This liquid propane grill is an excellent choice for minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution. This grill has a freestanding design, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to move it out of your way when you are done cooking. It features metal control knobs, helping you set your grill to the ideal temperature every time you cook.

This stainless steel grill is highly resilient and durable in harsh environments. This rotisserie grill has a 9-volt battery ignition, which provides you with a quick and easy way to light your barbecue with the simple push of a button. It features a grill cart, which conveniently slides out, giving you safe access to your propane tank. This grill has a grill cart, which makes it perfect for barbecuing whether on the go or at home. Equipped with a smoker add-on, it allows you to slow-cook your favorite foods, providing a smoky and rich flavor. Designed with a rotisserie kit, it will be perfect for cooking whole roasts. This DCS grill has a rear infrared burner for fast and even cooking. It has a Smart Beam grill light, designed to light up the entire grilling area for improved night visibility. It comes with a removable warming rack, which helps keep food hot.

Product Information
Brand DCS
Grill Type Rotisserie grill
Fuel Type Liquid propane
Installation Type Freestanding
Grill Size 48''
Body Construction Stainless steel
Burner Type Infrared
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type 9-volt battery ignition
Cooking Grate Material Stainless steel
Cooking Features Smart Beam grill light
Rotisserie Burner System Rotisserie kit
Heat Distribution Panel Plate Ceramic radiant technology
Warming Rack Removable warming rack
Included Accessories Grill cover
Battery Requirements 9V battery ignition
Gas Tank Storage Pull-put tank storage bin