Profire Grills 27" Liquid Propane Stainless Steel Built-In Infrared Rotisserie Grill

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  • Utilizes an efficient infrared burner, offering access to higher levels of heat when grilling
  • Spark igniter allows you to light your liquid propane grill effortlessly
  • Designed with a smoker add-on for a rich, slow-cooked taste and juicy results
  • High-end infrared burners are not ideal if you are trying to cook something on a low temperature
  • Stainless steel design limits heat transfer, affecting your food
  • Includes a stainless steel cooking grate, getting messy easily and requires intense cleaning
Product Description

Prepare delicious meals for the entire family with the Profire Grills Liquid Propane Rotisserie Grill. This liquid propane grill is an excellent choice for minimizing the production of greenhouse gases and pollution. With a built-in design, this grill makes the ideal addition to any permanent outdoor cooking area. It has a spark igniter so that you can light it with the push of a button. This stainless steel grill is highly durable and resilient in harsh elements. With a smoker add-on, it is great for adding more flavor to whatever you're preparing. It features a stainless steel rear rotisserie burner, which will allow you to experience an even more diverse range of meals. This grill features a dual purpose thermometer, so you can maintain the perfect temperature so that you can cook your meat just the way you like it. Built with a rear infrared burner, it generates intense heat to ensure that chicken and hot dogs will be ready in no time.

Product Information
Brand Profire Grills
Grill Type Rotisserie grill
Fuel Type Liquid propane
Installation Type Built-in
Grill Size 27"
Body Construction Stainless steel
Burner Type Infrared
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type Spark igniter
Cooking Grate Material Stainless steel
Rotisserie Burner System Stainless steel rear rotisserie burner
Height 10"
Width 27"
Depth 24.5"