Summerset ALT30-NG Alturi 30'' Natural Gas Covered Grill

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel design is durable and built to last
  • Features a flame thrower ignition, enabling you to quickly light your barbecue
  • Smoker add-on for incredibly juicy and tender results with a rich, smoky taste
  • Utilizes an infrared burner, working best on steaks and are not as good for vegetables or chicken
  • Stainless steel design limits heat movement, affecting your food
  • Features a stainless steel cooking grate, getting messy easily and requires intense cleaning
Product Description

For the ideal combination of functionality and performance, use the Summerset Alturi Natural Gas Covered Grill. This grill has a built-in design, which makes the ideal addition to any permanent outdoor cooking space. It is equipped with heat zone separators, so you can always be aware of the temperature of the grill in order to achieve the desired results every time. Using natural gas, it is perfect for reducing unnecessary waste and exposure to harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide.

This stainless steel grill is highly resilient and durable in harsh elements. This built-in grill has a flame thrower ignition, so you can turn it on with ease and get cooking. Featuring a rotisserie kit, it is a great fit for smoking large roasts. It features a smoker add-on, which can infuse your food with a distinct, smoky flavor. This Summerset grill has a rear infrared burner for quick and even cooking.

Product Information
Brand Summerset
Series/Line Alturi
Model ALT30-NG
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Natural gas
Installation Type Built-in
Grill Size 30''
Body Construction Stainless steel
Burner Type Infrared
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type Flame thrower ignition
Cooking Grate Material Stainless steel
Rotisserie Burner System Rotisserie kit
Cooking Grate Bar Diameter 9 mm
Heat Distribution Panel Plate Ceramic briquettes
Height 10.19"
Depth 23.06"