Summerset SIZ40-NG Sizzler 40" Gas Covered Grill

5.0 by user reviews

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  • Stainless steel construction is durable and has an elegant appearance
  • Utilizes an infrared burner, offering access to high-intensity heat while you cook
  • Features tube burners, helping to cook your meat to perfection
  • Infrared burners are not ideal if you are trying to cook something "low and slow"
  • Stainless steel design limits heat movement, affecting your food
  • Requires gas, costing more than a grill that uses charcoal
Product Description

Enjoy every barbecuing experience with the help of the Summerset Sizzler Gas Covered Grill. This grill features push-to-turn control knobs and has a built-in temperature gauge, so you can keep track of the temperature in order to achieve perfect results every time. Featuring a built-in design, it can be used to build an elegant outdoor cooking area. Using gas, it enables you to easily adjust the heat to meet your individual needs. It has five burners, letting you use the indirect and direct heat necessary for two-zone cooking. This stainless steel grill is highly resilient and durable in harsh conditions. Equipped with a rear infrared burner, this covered grill can generate high temperatures for searing meat.

Product Information
Brand Summerset
Series/Line Sizzler
Model SIZ40-NG
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Gas
Installation Type Built-in
Grill Size 40"
Body Construction Stainless steel
Food Capacity 54 burgers
Burner Type Infrared
Cooking Grate Bar Diameter 8 mm
Heat Distribution Panel Plate Tube burners
Assembly Required Yes
Height 8.5"