Royal Gourmet GB2000 Propane Gas Freestanding Open Grill

2.0 by user reviews

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  • Built with tube burners to provide even heat distribution
  • Features an electronic ignition, helping you easily start up your barbecue
  • Fitted with a grease pan to catch grease and other drippings released during cooking for quicker cleanup
  • Features an electronic ignition, losing its ability to work quickly if it gets too dirty
  • Propane gas is not great for slow cooking or for smoking BBQ
Product Description

Make the tastiest home-grilled meals with the Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Open Grill. This open grill uses propane gas, which is stored in a portable tank that is easy to detach and refill for your convenience. With a freestanding design, it provides greater freedom and flexibility in your outdoor cooking space. It is fitted with fold-down side tables to offer extra work space. This grill has a tool holder, so you can conveniently store cooking appliances. It features a storage rack, which provides enough storage space for conveniently organizing all your tools and utensils while grilling. Designed to take the struggle out of lighting your grill, it is equipped with an electronic ignition, so you can easily get the barbecue going. This open grill features two stainless steel burners, so you can enjoy an even more diverse range of meals. It has tube burners to ensure optimal heat distribution each time you cook. It has four heavy-duty wheels, making it great for hosting, camping, and picnics.

Product Information
Brand Royal Gourmet
Model GB2000
Grill Type Open grill
Fuel Type Propane gas
Installation Type Freestanding
Total BTU 26000 BTU
Burner Material Stainless steel
Ignition Type Electronic ignition
Heat Distribution Panel Plate Tube burners
Assembly Required Yes
Height 38.6"
Width 58.7"
Depth 22.4"