Coyote C2SL36LP S-Series 36'' Propane Gas Covered Grill

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  • Features an infrared burner, offering access to high-intensity heat when grilling and searing
  • Push-and-turn ignition provides you with a quick and easy way to light your barbecue
  • Smoker add-on can infuse your meat with a rich, slow-cooked flavor
  • Infrared burners are not ideal if you are attempting to cook something slowly
  • Stainless steel construction limits heat movement, affecting your food
  • Push-and-turn ignition loses its functionality very fast if it gets too dirty
Product Description

Rely on the Coyote S-Series Propane Gas Covered Grill for an authentic barbecue experience you can share with your family and friends. This propane gas grill distributes consistent heat across the cooking area to minimize grill flare-ups. Made with a built-in design, this grill adds a level of class to any outdoor kitchen area. It has a push-and-turn ignition, so you can quickly start up your grill. With a smoker add-on, it is great for adding more flavor to whatever you're preparing. This stainless steel grill is highly durable and resilient in harsh environments. Create the indirect and direct heat needed for two-zone cooking with this propane grill's three large cast stainless steel main burners.

This built-in grill has an infrared rear rotisserie burner, producing heat solely from the back of the grill, so drippings from your food do not fall into open flames, enabling you to leave your roast unattended without worrying about flare-ups. It is equipped with ceramic briquette heat control grids and has an LED valve control knob, so you can easily adjust the light while cooking at night. Featuring a rear infrared burner, it generates intense heat to ensure that burgers and steaks will be ready quickly. With a removable warming rack, it is ideal for keeping cooked food hot.

Product Information
Brand Coyote
Series/Line S-Series
Model C2SL36LP
Grill Type Covered grill
Fuel Type Propane gas
Installation Type Built-in
Grill Size 36''
Body Construction Stainless steel
Burner Type Infrared
Burner Material Cast stainless steel
Ignition Type Push-and-turn ignition
Rotisserie Burner System Infrared rear rotisserie burner
Sear Features RapidSear™
Warming Rack Removable warming rack